2020 Frozen 2 Colorist, published by Panini Comics.
2019 Colorist for the "Frozen Young"published by Disney Publishing Group.
2018 Ugo Tognazzi. Story, style, and secrets of a great actor. Luisa Mazzone, Mario Sesti, edited by Edizioni Sabinae
2016 Coverbook for Psychological Thriller written by Roberto Tartaglia.
2015 Paolini -il cinema in 20 tavole, written by Mario Sesti, edited by NED edizioni.
2014 " Un Attimo di Vita" by Antonio Gaudino e Paolo Silvestrini, edited by Mondadori Electa.
Red Carpet Magazine. Anno VI n.6 Gennaio-Febbraio-Marzo 2020
Red Carpet Magazine. Anno VI n.6 Gennaio-Febbraio-Marzo 2020
Ugo Tognazzi . Story, style and secrets of a great actor 2018
The Fascist 1961
His women 1961
Crazy desire 1962
The Conjugal Bed 1963
Opiate' 67 1963
A hard life 1964
I knew her well 1965
The Seventh Floor 1967
The Star Witness 1971
In the name of the Italian People 1971
The Papal Audience 1972
We want the Colonels 1973
Blow-Out 1973
Property in no longer a theft 1973
The Bishop's Bedroom 1977
First love 1978
AURANERA written by Roberto Tartaglia
LO SCACCIAPENSIERI written by Roberto Tartaglia
Pasolini - Il Cinema in 20 tavole - NED edizioni
Il Decameron
Mamma Roma (1962)
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